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Trayvon Martin was paranoid because of Purple Drank

I have not written this blog for a couple months because I have been busy with other, more urgent matters in my life. I will resume writing this blog soon.

In the meantime, I am posting the below article, which I wrote last year about the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. That was another case in which the supposed victim brought his death upon himself by launching an intoxicated, irrational, murderous attack on an armed person.

This is the first time I have published the below article.

In May 2014, the pharmaceutical company Actavis decided to stop selling Promethazine Codeine cough syrup, which often was mixed with juice and candy to concoct an intoxicant that is called variously “Purple Drank”, “Lean”, “Sizzrup” and other slang names.

Tragically, Actavis’s decision came too late for Trayvon Martin, who died in February 2012 while walking home from a convenience store, where he had purchased his favorite mixes -- Watermelon Juice Cocktail and Skittles -- for making Purple Drank.

Martin's fascination with Purple Drank began seriously at about the end of June 2011, when he subscribed to the YouTube log of Purple Drank addict Andy Milonakis. Martin’s subscription coincided roughly with Milonakis’s upload, on June 21, 2011, of a rap-music video that Milonakis himself had created. Milonakis's video is titled Red Lean Purple Lean and is illutrated by photographs of bottles full of Promethazine Codeine and drinking cups full of Purple Drank (aka Red Lean Purple Lean).

To understand the video song's lyrics, the following explanation are useful:

* Purple Drank must be sipped very slowly in order to avoid an overdose.

* The word “Activist” refers to the Actavis pharmaceutical company –  which the song calls“better than all the rest”.

* Milnakis evidently prefers to mix in jelly beans and Tootsie Rolls as the candy (Martin preferred Skitttles and Bieber’s prefers Jolly Ranchers).

The song’s lyrics:
Lean with it, lean with when I take a sip
Codeine ho clean off my dick
With your pretty red lips bitch, take off your lipstick
Put some purple syrup on it then suck my dipstick

I walk with a wobble and I wobble when I walk
New York City bitty, this is how I talk
I’m too slow to spit it fast
Got the microwave oven and I’m cooking up crack

Got hoes by the dozen and I’m hitting up that
These bitches like sports because they all love my bat
So I hit the bitch I hit the bitch with my big erection
I ruin that pussy like the comment section

I’m world star hiphop,
And I got a big Glock
I am Andy Milonak
I sell candy, on the block

I’m big, I’m bad, I might beat up your dad
I’d say I’d fuck your sister but I already have
I’m sipping like Scotty, pimping up in the lab
So ho don’t text me unless you want a stab

Red lean, red lean, purple purple lean
Got the red on lock but the purple’s too clean
Red lean, red lean purple purple lean
Them codeine dreams sweet like my 16

I, I, hate, hate, quali- quali- test test
Activist is better than all the rest rest
Cousin X is cool though, cooler than my new dough
You ask me for a sip I’ll kick your dick to Pluto

Or maybe Mars, because Mars ain’t too far
I’ll kick your ass to Mars than I’ll have a Mars Bar
Or a Zany Bar, because I got the xan with the lean
That codeine sweeter than a million jelly beans

And a tootsie roll, a tootsie roll, fuck you with a tootsie roll
Got 19 bitches on the block on their pussy stroll
Houston Texas, hold me down
Screwing Pimp C, I love the sound

Got a double cup, a double cup, some H/R puffing stuff
Big bad wolf lungs, that’s why I huff and puff
I’ll blow your house down, real real quick
Unless that shit’s built with codeine bricks
Inspired by Milonakis’s anthem, which was uploaded on June 21, Martin conducted the following Facebook conversation with a friend named MacKenzie six days later, on June 27. Martin asked MacKenzie to help him obtain prescription-strength Codiene to make Lean (i.e. Purple Drank).

I will quote this Facebook conversation exactly and then translate it into normal English.
MARTIN: unow a connect for codine?MACKENZIE: why nubian
MARTIN: to make some more

MACKENZIE: u tawkin bout the pill codeine
MARTIN: no the liquid  its meds. I had it b4
MACKENZIE: hell naw u could just use some robitussin nd soda to make some fire ass lean
MARTIN: codine is a higher dose of dxm
MACKENZIE: I feel u but need a prescription to get it

MARTIN: dats y I asked if u know someone dat has, but ima stop burning
MACKENZIE: ohh I doubt it nd why?

MARTIN: is to roped and u can get the same vibe off lean

Translated into normal English, the conversation can be understood as follows:
MARTIN: Do you know a source of Codeine?
MACKENZIE: Why, Negro?
MARTIN: To make some more [Purple Drank, aka Lean]

MACKENZIE: Are you talking about codeine pills?
MARTIN: No, the liquid – the prescription-strength form.  This form I already have tried.
MACKENZIE: Hell, no. But you could just use some Robitussin [non-prescription cough medicine] and soda [cola drink] to make some fire-ass Lean.
MARTIN: Codeine is a higher dose of dxm [Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, DXM, the active ingredient of some cough-suppressant medicines].
MACKENZIE: I sympathize with you, but you need a prescription to get it.

MARTIN: That’s why I asked if you know somewhat who has it [prescription-strength Codeine], because I have stopped smoking marijuana.
MACKENZIE: Oh, I doubt that. Why have you stopped?

MARTIN: I’ve been caught too often, and you can get the same sensation from Lean [as you can get from marijuana].

A webpage titled DXM Basics depicts the psychological effects of DXM abuse:
The DXM experience varies by dose ….. Moderate doses generally produce intoxicating effects that are sometimes compared to alcohol or cannabis use. High doses are dissociative in the sense of causing a separation from one’s body and are sometimes compared to the effects of other dissociatives such as PCP or ketamine.
DXM causes … psychological effects that may be frightening …. Psychological effects can include profound disorientation, depression, a feeling of personal disintegration, or a feeling of “unreality” and disconnection that may persist for days. Chronic use may cause depression, psychological dependency, and possibly brain damage. Large doses may be associated with psychotic breaks. …

There has been concern that DXM, like some other dissociatives, causes vacuoles (small holes) in the brain – a syndrome called Olney’s Lesions. ….
 Another webpage, titled The Dextromethorphan FAQ about DMX lists some consequences of “regular use and binges:
Neurotoxicity (Olney’s Lesions)

Mania ….

Violent ideations

Antisocial behavior

Paranoia ….


Another webpage, titled Electric Cough-Syrup Acid Test, reports the sensations of a professional writer who overdosed on DXM on one occasion:

…. Last night I drank about eight ounces of DM [DXM] cough syrup. I was feeling kind of achy and wanted to see if it would kill pain. After a couple of hours all my pain had gone away, and I went to bed. It was midnight, but I felt neither awake nor asleep. It was like a typical narcotic high--mildly content, kind of nodding--but not as pleasant.

At four o'clock in the morning I woke up suddenly and remembered that I had to go to Kinko's copy shop and that I had to shave off about a week's worth of stubble from my face. These ideas were very clear to me. That may seem normal, but the fact was that I had a reptilian brain. My whole way of thinking and perceiving had changed. I had full control over my motor functions, but I felt ungainly. I was detached from my body, as if I were on laughing gas.

So I got in the shower and shaved. While I was shaving I "thought" that for all I knew I was hacking my face to pieces. …..

The world became a binary place of dark and light, on and off, safety and danger. I felt a need, determined it was hunger, and ate almonds until I didn't feel the need anymore.

Same thing with water. It was like playing a game. I sat at my desk and tried to write down how this felt so I could look at it later. I wrote down the word "Cro-Magnon." I was very aware that I was stupid. ….

I thought I would have trouble driving but I had none. I only felt "unsafe" in the dark street until I got into the "safe" car. Luckily there were only a couple of people in Kinko's and one of them was a friend. She confirmed that my pupils were of different sizes. One wasn't quite round. I knew I was fucked up.

I knew there was no way I could know if I was correctly adhering to social customs. I didn't even know how to modulate my voice. Was I talking too loud? Did I look like a regular person? …

The whole world was broken down into elemental parts, each being of equal "value" to the whole--which is to say, of no value at all.

I sat at a table and read a newspaper. It was the most absurd thing I had ever seen! Each story purported to be a description of a thing or an event, or was supposed to cover "news" of reality in another place. This seemed stupid. …. I laughed out loud. ….

At one point I ventured across the street to a hamburger place to get something to eat. It was closed and yet there were workers inside. This truly confused me, and I considered trying to find a way to simply run in, grab some food, and make off with it. Luckily, the store opened (it was now 6 A.M.) and I entered the front door like a normal customer.

It was difficult to remember how to perform a money-for-merchandise transaction and even more difficult to put it into words, but I was eventually successful. I ate the hamburger slowly and deliberately. If I had become full before I finished the hamburger, I think I would have simply let it fall from my hands. ….

Martin's fascination with abusing DXM began in June 2011, and he was killed in February 2012, so his abuse might have continued for more than a half year. By mixing DXM with watermelon juice cocktail and Skittles and sipping it addictively, he was chronically consuming up to 25 times the recommended maximum dosage.

Martin viciously attacked George Zimmerman, a neighborhood-watch volunteer because Martin perceived bizarrely that Zimmerman was a "creepy-ass cracker" (a creepy White person) or a "creepy ass-cracker" (a creepy homosexual).

Martin ambushed Zimmerman, pushed him to the ground and repeatedly punched his face and beat the back of his skull into a concrete sidewalk.

Fortunately, however, Zimmerman was carrying a pistol and so was able to save his own life by shooting the Purple-Drank-crazed Trayvon Martin to death.

It can be said that Martin's trip to an early death began on about June 21, 2011, when Andy Milnakas uploaded the video Red Lean Purple Lean on YouTube. A mere six days later, Martin was on Facebook, talking to his friend MacKenzie about buying perscription-strength DXM Codiene in order to make some more Lean (aka Purple Drank).

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