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The Monte Carlo's driver and passenger said they "blacked out"

Dorian Johnson could not describe the shooting correctly, because he got inside the Monte Carlo and hid there while the shooting happened. MC Owner and MC Passenger both told a false story that they blacked out while Johnson got into the Monte Carlo. 

MC Passenger told the grand jury that while he was leaning out his opened passenger-side car door, he noticed Johnson crouching near the rear wheel when the second gunshot was fired. 
MC Passenger So, as I’m ducking down, catty-corner from my eye I see Dorian. I don’t know how he got from over here [9391 Canfield Drive to] … being all the way over here [by the Monte Carlo]. ….  
The second shot I heard [as Brown ran past the Monte Carlo], I end up ducking down and seeing him [Johnson]. Like, who is this? And I end up recognizing who it was. 
 Prosecutor Did he say anything when he came around to the side of the car? 
MC Passenger Not at that time. Not yet. 
[Pages 163-164]
 About five seconds after the second gunshot, Wilson got out of his police vehicle and then ran past the Monte Carlo, chasing Brown.

Then something very strange happened. According to their own statements, both MC Owner and MC Passenger simultaneously “blacked out” or "blanked out" for a few seconds.  

MC Owner told the grand jury that she blacked out after the second gunshot, which she heard as Brown ran past her Monte Carlo. Her black-out lasted only a few seconds, after which she was able to watch the fatal shooting lucidly in her rear-view window. She remarked that Johnson was down by her side right after her black-out. 
MC Owner When he [Brown] started running, I ducked down. I got all the way towards the ground in the car. .... Me and [MC Passenger] ducked. In the process of us ducking, that's when I heard a second shot. And after this, that's when Michael Brown had already ran past the car. ..... When I heard the second gunshot, my head was down. ....  
Once I proceeded to get up and look, that's when I saw the officer running directly down the street after him. .... 
That's when I proceeded to look out my rear-view mirror.  
Prosecutor: Are you talking about the mirror that's in the center of your window?  
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am.  
Prosecutor You are not talking about the windows on the outside? 
MC Owner  No, the window. .... 
Prosecutor: Do you know where Dorian is at this point? 
MC Owner Dorian was actually on the side. At that time, I didn't even look no more, I didn't look down. ....  
Prosecutor At what point did you black out? 
MC Owner .... I went down for a short period of time. .... And then I instantly got up, and I got to looking. 
I just went, basically, just went blank. I can't describe it. .... I could still hear, but everything just went blank. I can't even explain it. I was just in shock. .... I just lost focus. I was just, like, down a little bit. 
It was real short. It was short enough to where I could see everything else .... after the second shot. 
 Prosecutor Then you get back up. You are looking out the rear view, and you see Mike Brown turn around with his hands up and the officer fires several shots at him? 
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am. 
Prosecutor Have you ever blacked out before? 
MC Owner  No, because I have never been around nothing like that before in my life. ....
Prosecutor Do you think you lost consciousness?
MC Owner  I don't know. I can't explain.  
Prosecutor  How long do you think it was that you were blacked out? 
MC Owner  Like seconds. .... Probably about two -- one or two seconds. 
[Pages 118-121, 123-125 and 129-130]

MC Owner told some FBI special agents that after she blacked out, she saw that Johnson was inside the Monte Carlo. 
FBI SA And now where in what you just described in the ducking and the blacking out and the looking back up, at what point did the guy with the dreads come over to the car? 
MC Owner  Actually, when I did go out for a little bit -- like I said, I just blanked out a little bit, but when I was down, I did open up my eyes -- I was still down, and that’s when I saw the young man with the dreads, where [MC Passenger] had the door open. He [MC Passenger] had it [the passenger door] slung open. He [Johnson] was on the curb, but he had crawled. You could tell that he crawled. He was in the car and he just basically asked me could I get him away from here because it is crazy.” 
[Pages 88-90]
MC Passenger told the grand jury that he too blacked out. When his black-out ended, he found himself in the Monte Carlo’s back seat, looking out the back window.  
MC Passenger:Then I end up looking out the back window. …. I blanked out, because I’m not hearing anything. I didn’t hear nothing from the time that they [Brown and Wilson] was at the truck. We [MC Passenger and MC Owner] are both [blacked out]. …. I guess he [Wilson] had got down the street some [distance], a little after him [Brown] or whatnot [while we were blacked out]. …. When I’m looking out the back window, [MC Owner] is looking out her little rear-view mirror.  
[Then MC Passenger describes looking out the back seat as Wilson shoots Brown fatally.] 
 I’m in the back seat.   
He [Brown] is on the ground. I can’t see no more after that …. unless I got out [of the car].  …. I got [car] doors are still open. So, the first thing Dorian say, can you take me down here? 
[Pages 165 and 168]
I think that Johnson’s expression “down here” means that Johnson was lying down low in or in front of the Monte Carlo’s passenger seat, while the passenger had moved into the back seat.

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