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Brady saw a second car stopped behind the Monte Carlo

In a previous article, I told how Michael Brady saw a burgundy or purple Bonneville car, with open doors, in the parking lot near the Monte Carlo. In this article here, I will tell how he saw also another car, with its doors closed, stopped along the curb, behind the Monte Carlo. 

Although Brady was not able to describe that other car, police officer Darren Wilson described it definitively as a green Grand Am. Brady thought that this car's color was not purplish, but rather some other, darker color. 

Brady told the grand jury on September 25 that two cars were stopped "on the side" or "on the sidewalk". The first was the Monte Carlo, and the second car was the Grand Am. 

Brady  His friend [Johnson] was in the [police vehicle's] front passenger side. If the police cruiser is right here [pointing to an overhead photograph in the courtroom], there was also two parked vehicles on the side right here.  
His friend [Johnson] takes off running directly behind the first vehicle he sees. 
[Page 17] 
Prosecutor  Did you notice any other vehicles around the police car or in front of or the police car initially?

Brady  I just seen two vehicles parked on the side, on the sidewalk.

[Pages 32 - 34]

Prosecutor  Would the other cars that were parked there -- the one that Dorian allegedly ran behind -- would they have been in this picture?

Brady  Yes. ...  It [the Monte Carlo] would have been right here, and another one right here [pointing to an overhead photograph in the courtroom]. ....

Prosecutor  Those two vehicles you're talking about -- the white Monte Carlo and ... a purple car.

Brady  I think it [the Grand Am] was a darker color, black.

Prosecutor  Maroon or black cherry or something?.

Brady  Uh-huh [yes].

Prosecutor  Did it look like they had stopped in traffic? Or were they parked?

Brady  No, they was on the side. They was just on the side. I don't even think they was parked. They was just off to the side.

[Pages 49 - 51]

In his very first interview, with a detective five hours after the incident, Brady mentioned that those two vehicles leave the scene at about the same time after the final, fatal gunshots. 
The officer [Darren Wilson] let out three, maybe four, shots to the guy [Brown]. That's when he [Brown] hit the ground. That was it; that was the whole thing. 
He [Brown] actually had a friend [Johnson]. ... I seen him duck down at a car. They had a car door open. It was a white car. He hopped in.
I guess those two cars left.  
[Page 1]

Unfortunately, Brady never has been asked to elaborate about the two cars. 

Brady was not including the Bonneville among those two cars that left. The Bonneville remained in the parking lot, and its male occupant got out, approached Brady, and engaged him in a conversation. 

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