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Brady left the bedroom window after Wilson passed the Monte Carlo

Michael Brady told an FBI special agent that he left his bedroom window right after police officer Darren Wilson, chasing Michael Brown, passed the Monte Carlo. Brady wanted to go out onto the balcony. From the bedroom, the closest door out onto the balcony was the apartment's sliding glass door, but Fiancée  Brady was standing at that door and peeking out through the vertical blinds. Therefore Michael ran to the farther door, the apartment's front door. 

This is an apartment building, with labels for
standard features on the building's left-side third story.

The Brady family lived in another but similar building,
on the right-side second story.    
Below is an apartment situated on the same side and story as the Brady apartment. 

Fiancee Brady looked for a while through the sliding glass door,
blocking Michael Brady's exit onto the balcony.

Therefore Michael Brady ran toward the front door.
Almost reaching the front door, he returned to the bedroom
to get his cell phone. Then he returned to the front door
and went out onto the balcony. 
When Michael almost reached the front door, he decided to return to his bedroom to get his cell phone, which he intended to use as a movie camera. Then he returned with his cell phone to the front door and went out onto the balcony.
All of the sudden, I see also his [Michael Brown's] friend [Dorian Johnson]. He [Johnson] was on the side of the car, on the front bumper on the passenger side, maybe four, five feet away from him.
And all of the sudden, they [Brown and Johnson] just takes off running. When they takes off running, I see his friend [Johnson] runs behind a two-door white car. He's ducking down behind the trunk of the car looking at the officer, because he [Wilson] just immediately gets out of his vehicle and just started shooting at Mike Brown.  Because he [Brown] runs down, straight down the middle of the road. 
When his friend [Johnson] ran behind the trunk of the car, he was looking at the officer, thinking that the officer might cut off and walk to him and shoot him, but obviously he is just taking large steps in a shooting position, shooting directly at Mike Brown, and he [Wilson] walked past his friend [Johnson]
So, at that moment right there, that just gave me enough time to run outside [onto the balcony]. .... That was my time, when he [Wilson] walked past [Johnson], that was my time to run outside [onto the balcony]. 
By the time I gets to the [front] door, I notice I forgot my phone in the bedroom. So, I go back, grab my phone and then goes back to the front door, which didn't take long, just seconds. [Pages 6 - 7]
When Michael Brady finally did exit out onto his balcony he saw that Brown seemed to be wounded and to be falling. Brady saw Wilson fire the final four or five gunshots. A couple more minutes passed until Brady was able to activate his cell phone's filming application. 
... about the time I gets outside, I see Mike Brown. He's now facing the officer, kind of bent down like he was hit in the stomach. He had both arms wrapped around his stomach, and he's bent down, like he was going down. ... The officer lets out four or five more shots. And when he hits the ground, that's when I see blood. .... 
When he hit the ground, the officer was at least four or five feet away from his body, now on the walkie-talkie, still have his gun all over him, making his call-in. 
And that's when my phone started recording, maybe two minutes -- right after when the first two officers come in. That's when my phone cuts on, and I start recording. 
[Pages 7 - 8]

While he still was at the bedroom window, Michael Brady yelled to his fiancée: "Baby, look out the window. They're shooting."

She told a detective that she responded as follows:

I run to my patio and look out the window. As I'm looking out my window, I see an African-American gentleman running away from a Caucasian officer, and the Caucasian officer was chasing, walking, behind him, steady opening fire, shooting, 
[Pages 1 - 3]
Later, an FBI special agent asked Michael Brady to clarify when he, his fiancée and their three sons went out onto the balcony. He said that he and his fiancée went onto the balcony "like at the same time" and the boys came out a little later. 
FBI SA  When you ran outside, you realized you forgot your phone and you went back and got our phone, [Fiancee Brady] and the kids come out at the same exact time as you.
Brady  Yeah, like at the same time. 
FBI SA  ... Did you have any kids with you, or did they follow you?
Brady  No, [Fiancee Brady] during the [interrupts himself] she lets the kids come outside at that time. I remember she called them to come outside. 
FBI SA  So, did all three of them walk out with you? Is that what's going on, or what? 
Brady  I think they came out a little bit after me, because she called them outside. 
[Page 43]
Michael Brady's sequence of events here is imprecise. I think that a more precise sequence of events was:

1) Michael Brady, from the bedroom window, yells to his fiancée: "Baby, look out the window. They're shooting". Wilson still is inside the police vehicle. 

2) Fiancée Brady goes to the sliding glass door, which is closed, and peeks through the vertical blinds. She sees Wilson walking away from the police vehicle. 

3) After Wilson walks past the Monte Carlo, Michael Brady runs from the bedroom. Since Fiancée Brady is blocking his way to the sliding glass door, he runs to the front door, intending to go out onto the balcony.

4) Michael Brady changes his mind and runs back into the bedroom to get his cell phone. 

5) Fiancée Brady sees that Wilson has stopped walking and Brown has disappeared from her view, so she thinks mistakenly that Wilson has stopped chasing Brown. She opens the sliding glass door and goes out onto the balcony. Since Wilson is standing still, she focuses on Johnson and sees he sees him get into the Monte Carlo. She invites her three sons out onto the balcony. 

6) Michael Brady has grabbed his cell phone in the bedroom and is running through the living room. Since the balcony beyond the sliding glass door is crowded by four people, he runs to the front door.

7) Fiancée Brady hears Wilson resume shooting and sees Brown return into her view. She pushes her three sons from the balcony back into the apartment. 

8) Michael Brady exits the front door onto the balcony. He sees that Brown is wounded and is beginning to fall. 

9) After Brown falls dead, Michael Brady looks back at the Monte Carlo and sees Johnson sitting inside it.


At one point in the interview with the FBI special agent, Brady indicated an awareness that Johnson must have hopped into the vehicle soon after Wilson passed the Monte Carlo -- not after Brown fell dead. 

FBI SA  Did you actually see him [Johnson] hop in the vehicle? 
Brady  No, I really didn't, because  when he [Wilson] passed [the Monte Carlo], I more started focusing on the guy [Brown] that he [Wilson] was shooting at.
[Page 32]  
To understand the above passage, keep in mind that Brady thought Wilson was shooting at Brown's back while they both were running away from the police vehicle. In the above passage, Brady is saying essentially that if he had not turned his attention to Brown right after Wilson passed the Monte Carlo, then he would have seen Johnson get into the Monte Carlo. 

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