Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wilson paused and moved back toward the Monte Carlo

Stairwell Man told the grand jury that Wilson got out of his police vehicle and soon began shooting at Brown's back as Brown was running away. Then Wilson passed beyond Stairwell Man's vision, which was blocked by another building. Wilson reappeared in view briefly and then disappeared again and resumed shooting. 
Prosecutor  Can you see the officer the whole time he's shooting?
Stairwell Man  Not the whole time, because after he does the first set of shots and then he runs in this direction east and then he fires more shots. 
And then I see him walking back towards my vision.
Prosecutor  So at some point he disappears from your sight because of the building that's between the two of you?
Stairwell Man  Correct.
Prosecutor  And you hear more gunshots after that?
Stairwell Man  Yes. 
[Page 247] 

Based on information that I detailed in a previous article, I identify Stairwell Man's apartment as follows.

From the stairwell, the view
to the police vehicle and Monte Carlo was good.

The two vehicles were
to the left of the parking lot's driveway
(beyond the photograph's left margin). 
You can see the above photograph uncropped here.

Blue = Police Vehicle
Red = Monte Carlo
Wilson passed out of Stairwell Man's view,
then reappeared and then
disappeared again and resumed shooting. 
You can see the above photograph uncropped here.

Wilson's movement backward into Stairwell Man's sight was the pause that was described by the Brady couple and by Pickup Driver. During that pause, Wilson seemed to move and look back briefly toward the Monte Carlo. 


Wilson's pause and movement backward were not mentioned by Dorian Johnson, MC Owner or MC Passenger. During that pause, those three people were preoccupied in hiding Johnson down in front of the Monte Carlo's front passenger seat.  

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