Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wilson paused in his chase right after he passed a green Grand Am

Police Officer Darren Wilson told the grand jury that he had just passed a green Grand Am when Brown stopped and turned around. 
We [Brown and Wilson] start running ... towards ... Copper Creek Court and Canfield, right at that intersection. There is a light pole right there. I remember him running towards the light pole.
We pass two cars that were behind my police car while we were running. I think the second one was a Pontiac Grand Am, a green one. I don't know if it was a two-door or four-door, I just remember seeing a Pontiac green Grand Am. 
When I passed the second one, about that same time he [Brown] stopped running and he is at that light pole. So when he stopped, I stopped. And then he starts to turn around, I tell him to get on the ground.
[Pages 226 - 227] 

Both Fiancée Brady and Michael Brady saw Wilson pause, so the Grand Am should have been in their view. Since Wilson had passed the car and since Wilson remained visible to the Brady couple in his paused location, then the Grand Am was visible too. 

The blue circle is about where Wilson paused.

Fiancee Brady indicated that she always saw Wilson after he paused.

Wilson said he paused when he saw Brown stop and turn around and
right after he passed the green Grand Am. 
Fiancée Brady told a detective on August 9 (the day of the incident), that the incident included a moment when she thought police officer Darren Wilson stopped chasing Michael Brown. At that moment, Brown was not visible to her.
The officer [Wilson] was walking behind him [Brown] steady, opening fire, shooting. .... 
I asked my fiancé, I said, "Well, I guess the guy [Brown] got away, because I don't see him [Wilson] walking anymore."  
[Pages 1-3]
Perceiving mistakenly that the danger had ended, Fiancee Brady opened the sliding glass door, walked out onto the balcony, invited her three sons to join her outside, and shifted her attention from Wilson to Dorian Johnson. Unexpectedly, Brown returned into her view.
The next thing I know, I see the African-American guy [Brown] walking back down, facing the Caucasian officer. 
[Page 3]

Michael Brady told an FBI special agent on August 13 that there was a moment when Wilson seemed to pause and turn his attention from Brown, who was running away, to Johnson, who was crouching behind the Monte Carlo.  
Brady  The guy with the dreads [Johnson] was the [my] main focus, as I'm still noticing that the officer is shooting straight [at Brown's back], but I'm looking at him [Johnson] because I'm thinking the officer is [inaudible].
There is a pause by the time he [Wilson] went past [the Monte Carlo]. There is a pause right there during his shooting, when I was thinking  he [Wilson] was going to go to his [Brown's] friend [Johnson] and shoot him [Johnson]. That's why I was mainly focusing on him [Johnson] at that point. 
[Pages 33 - 34] 
Wilson said he paused when he had just passed the Grand Am.
The Brady couple saw Wilson pause, so they saw the Grand Am.

Michael Brady said that the Monte Carlo and another car
left the scene at about the same time, after Brown fell dead.

The burgundy Bonneville remained in the parking lot.

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