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Johnson lied about when the Monte Carlo drove away

Both MC Owner and MC Passenger testified that they watched Brown fall dead. After that, they drove around Wilson's police vehicle and away from the scene. They said also that as they were driving on the lawn around Wilson’s vehicle, arriving back-up police vehicles almost collided with their car.

Contradicting their accounts, Dorian Johnson testified to the grand jury that the Monte Carlo drove away while Brown still was running away, a considerable time before Brown fell dead. After the Monte Carlo drove away, two more cars remained along the street.

Furthermore, Johnson said that Wilson tried to shoot Brown in the back twice before Brown stopped and turned around. Johnson invented these gunshots at Brown's back because Johnson did not see this part of the event. Johnson actually was hiding down inside the Monte Carlo, which did not move away until after Brown fell dead. 
Johnson  I watched the officer [Wilson] walk past [the Monte Carlo]. He never even looked at me. He just kept walking past, and I’m watching him and I’m in awe. I’m like, "okay, is he looking for us or is he going after him [Brown]?" 
Everything is in my head is just racing real fast because of the gunshot [at Brown's back]. I’m hyperventilating. My heart is pounding.  
After he [Wilson] walked past me, I kind of stand up more. I’m trying to ask the people in the first car [the Monte Carlo]: "Could I please just let me in the vehicle. I stay in the same complex. You can just drop me off."  
They said no, and they pulled off on the sidewalk.  
Prosecutor  Where did they pull to? 
Johnson  The first car [the Monte Carlo]? They didn’t drive through the driveway. They pulled on the sidewalk to drive past the police officer [i.e. police vehicle].  
Once they pulled off, I was even more visible now. I’m standing straight. The officer’s back is towards me. Big Mike’s back is towards me and the officer, because he [Brown] is running away.  
I’m watching the officer. He’s walking, and Big Mike gets past the third car, the final car before the second shot was fired. It was the second shot fired [at Brown's back], pow. The officer shot. I don’t know if it hit. I wasn’t that close to see.  
The second time he [Wilson] shot [at Brown's back], I didn’t know if it hit him [Brown] or not, but he kind of jerked, and that’s when he stopped running. He just kind of stopped and turned around at the officer. And now he’s face-to-face with the officer, but not so close.  
Now, Big Mike is probably, he’s not fully at the driveway, but he gets probably to the curb of the driveway when the second shot [at Brown's back]. And now at the second shot, the officer …. is passing the third vehicle.  
Prosecutor  Where are you? …. You are at the second vehicle [behind the Monte Carlo]?  
Johnson  Yes, but I’m more over to the side now, because like I said, I was trying to talk to the people in the front car [the Monte Carlo]. I was on the side of their car when I was trying to talk to them. After they pulled off, I had to stand watching the officer pace towards Big Mike.  
[Pages 119-121]
MC Owner and MC Passenger both were absolutely clear that the Monte Carlo backed up a short distance after the first gunshot was fired in the the police vehicle and then remained there until after Brown fell dead. MC Owner watched the final, fatal gunshots in her rear-view mirror, and MC Passenger watched through the back window. Only after they both saw Brown fall dead did MC Owner drive the Monte Carlo around Wilson's police vehicle in order to leave the scene. 

MC Owner's statements are here, here and here (beginning on page 70). MC Passenger's statements are here and here (beginning on page 153). You can easily find the many passages where they described how they watched the final, fatal gunshots, watched Brown fall dead, and then afterwards drove around Wilson's police vehicle.


As just one example, MC Passenger told the grand jury that Johnson still was asking to get into the Monte Carlo after Brown had been shot dead. 

MC Passenger  The first thing he [Johnson] said: "Can I get in? Can you take me down here?"
I'm like: "No, I don't know you."
[Johnson was] just some random guy that said, "hey, man, take me somewhere." 
Prosecutor  The point where Dorian was at the car, asking to get in, the shooting had already occurred?
MC Passenger  Right. 
[Pages 177 - 178]

Also, other witnesses -- Michael Brady and his fiance, whose testimony I will describe in future posts -- confirmed that the Monte Carlo remained until after Brown fell dead.

Johnson's story that the Monte Carlo drove away and left him exposed while Brown still was running away is a lie. The purpose of this lie was to conceal the fact that Johnson climbed into the Monte Carlo while Brown was running away. 

MC Owner and MC Passenger concealed that same fact by telling a different lie -- that they both blacked out while Brown was running away.

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