Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brady was confused about the scene in his grand-jury testimony

Toward the end of Michael Brady's grand-jury testimony, the prosecutor showed Brady that he was significantly mistaken about the locations of the police vehicle and of Brown's body. Brady indicated mistakenly that the police vehicle was stopped "before the driveways that's across from each other".

Brady insisted to the grand jury that the police vehicle
and Brown's body were situated as depicted above.

The prosecutor struggled to convince Brady
that he was significantly mistaken.
Following is the prosecutor's effort to convince Brady that he was mistaken about those locations.
Prosecutor  You know, the police were out there afterwards, correct? And they photograph everything. .... Do you have any reason the police moved the body into a different location? ....
And you know police took measurements of where the body was in relation to things, and they did a diagram. ... I'm going to show you a diagram that was done. ...
I'm not trying to mess you up at all, because it is difficult to remember all of this. .... 
So, this is a diagram ... this is where they measured where the police truck was  ... 
You never saw that truck move again, did you? .... The [police] truck is about somewhere in this area according to the diagram, correct? ...
Brady  No, it was actually up here, like right here ... like up here.
Prosecutor  You think it was closer up to here?
Brady  Yeah, I know it was because there is a sign right here ... I just know it was closer to the driveway right here.
Prosecutor  So let me ask you this. Do you think that the police officer measured it wrong or do you think anybody moved the truck?
Brady  No, no, I know that the [police] truck was right here. It was definitely right here -- just before this driveway, diagonally in the middle of the street -- more right here, before the driveways that's across from each other.
Prosecutor  I can also put this [diagram] up there. So, now, here is the depiction of where Michael Brown's body came to rest. ... The way they have it, his body is somewhere right around here. You don't think that's right?
Brady  No, it is not right. His body is definitely right here, because I live there, and that's the driveway right here. His death bed is just a little bit past the driveway. ....
Prosecutor  They did the measurements. It was a little bit further than your eyes focused on -- where he actually fell. 
I'm not trying to say you are lying about this or anything. Don't feel like you're on the defensive. I'm trying to point out that you're wrong or that you weren't really there.
Brady  I was there.
Prosecutor  I know you were there, but people remember things differently or they see things from a different perspective. Distances are hard to judge. I just want to clear things up.
I'm going to show you what is a photograph that was taken by the detective  ... This is the image that the detective took of the police car. ....  That's the police car right there. Does that help you get a perspective of where the car might have been?
Brady  You may be right. .... If I'm on the balcony, it's a little wall right here. .... I could barely see, because I got barbecue grills right here. ....
Prosecutor  Then I'm going to show you Image Number 13. This is where his body came to rest ... 
Brady  Yeah. I think that's right. Yeah, okay.
Prosecutor  So, does that help you?
Brady  Yeah. .... I didn't see nobody move the body. 
Prosecutor  So, seeing those photographs, you believe that those photographs do depict where the body was and where the vehicle was?
Brady  Yeah.
Prosecutor  Okay, all right. I just wanted to clarify that. .....
Brady  I thought the [police] vehicle was a little bit upwards from my balcony and from my window. 
But it would have been right here [pointing to the corrected location] and another one [vehicle] right here. 
Prosecutor  You're talking about the white Monte Carlo?
Brady  Yes. 
[Pages 41 - 50]
Therefore, Brady's grand-jury statements about the scene are somewhat unreliable.  

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