Monday, May 4, 2015

Brady confused Johnson's ducking-downs with Wilson's gunshots

Police Officer Darren Wilson fired two gunshots while he was inside the police vehicle. Michael Brown ran away from the police vehicle a few seconds before the second gunshot. Wilson did not fire any gunshots at Brown's back, while Brown was running away on Canfield Drive. Wilson fired the third gunshot after Brown turned around at the intersection of Coppercreek Court and began charging at Wilson.

Michael Brady was confused about the gunshots. While trying to sleep in his bed, he heard a loud noise -- but not a gunshot sound -- coming from the street. He got up from his bed and went to his bedroom window. He saw Brown and Wilson tussling at the police vehicle. Then, "all of the sudden", Dorian Johnson appeared in his view, standing near the police vehicle's front, passenger-side bumper. 

Then, almost simultaneously, Brown and Johnson ran away from the police vehicle. Brown ran away down the middle of the street, and Johnson ran away to the Monte Carlo. 

Up to that point in time, Brady's narrative does not include any gunshot sounds. In his narrative, the gunshot sounds begin after Wilson got out of his police vehicle and was chasing Brown down the street.

Somehow, Brady's memory transferred the first gunshot sounds mistakenly from the time when Wilson was in the police vehicle (when the first two gunshots actually were fired) to the time when Wilson was chasing Brown in the street (when no gunshots actually were fired.) Brady's memory transferred the first gunshot sounds, mistakenly, forward in time. 

In addition, Brady multiplied the gunshot sounds from two (the actual number) to four or six (exaggerated numbers). I assume that this multiplication of gunshot sounds was the result of echoes. 


I think that Brady's memory transferred the gunshot sounds mistakenly forward in time because he saw Johnson ducking repeatedly behind the Monte Carlo. Brady assumed mistakenly that Johnson ducked each time a gunshot was fired. 

Brady, telling his story to an FBI special agent, claimed that Johnson ducked behind the Monte Carlo each time Wilson fired at gunshot at Brown's back. 

Brady  He [Johnson] runs behind the trunk of the white car, the first one [car behind the police vehicle]. He looked at the officer, to make sure the officer's not coming to him because each shot that went off, he [Johnson] was ducking each time. .... 
FBI SA  He [Johnson] is now behind the trunk of the car. Is that correct?  
Brady   Yes. 
FBI SA  You were able to watch him do that? 
Brady  Yeah. I clearly saw him. He's ducked down, looking at the officer, like each shot that went off.  
He [Johnson] was like -- BAM -- going around the [car] to the passenger side. 
And then I noticed that the [car's passenger-side] door was opened. ...  
Each shot that went off, he [Johnson]  was kind of like -- BAM -- going over to the [car's] side, watching him [Wilson]. .... 
Then he [Wilson] went past him [Johnson]. 
[Pages 31 - 32]
In fact, Wilson did not fire any gunshots during that time, and so Johnson was not ducking because gunshots were being fired. Only in Brady's mistaken memory were gunshots being fired. 

At the time when the incident was happening, Brady did hear the first two gunshots. Immediately after the second gunshot, he yelled at his fiancee: "Baby, look out the window. They're shooting." At that moment, Michael Brady was standing at this bedroom window, and Wilson still was sitting in his police vehicle. 

However, that moment soon disappeared from Brady's memory -- overwhelmed by a false memory that Johnson was ducking behind the Monte Carlo when Wilson was firing the first gunshots. 


Fiancée Brady said that she did not hear gunshots while she was sitting in her kitchen. She went to the sliding glass door only because Michael Brady yelled at her from the bedroom: "Baby, look out the window. They're shooting." (Page 1)

When she reached the sliding glass door and looked through the vertical blinds, she saw Wilson chasing Brown in the middle of the street. (Later, she reported that she saw and heard Wilson shooting at Brown's back.) 

As soon as Brown passed out of her sight, Wilson paused and stopped chasing. Fiancée Brady told her husband, who still was getting his cell phone in the bedroom, that the danger had passed. She informed Michael: "Well, I guess the guy [Brown] got away, because I don't see him [Wilson] walking anymore." (Page 3)

Then, immediately, she allowed her three small boys to come out onto the balcony. This her action was not plausible if she actually had seen, mere seconds ago, Wilson shooting bullets repeatedly on the street. Indeed, Wilson still was standing in her balcony view, holding the gun that he supposedly had been firing recklessly mere seconds ago. 

Surely, if she invited her three small boys onto the balcony, she still had not seen or even heard any gunshots. She, in her kitchen, had not heard the gunshots fired inside the police vehicle. The first gunshots she heard were the ones that occurred after Brown turned around and charged at Wilson. Those gunshots occurred after she had allowed her boys to come out onto the balcony.  

Only later, after she and Michael discussed the event and Michael told her, mistakenly, that he had seen Wilson shooting at Brown's back did she herself eventually, falsely "remember" that she too had seen Wilson shooting thus.  

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