Monday, May 4, 2015

Michael Brady seemed to be hung over

Michael Brady told an FBI special agent that during the morning of Saturday, August 9, he took a two-hour nap. He slept from 9 to 11 a.m. and then lay down again at 11:45 to sleep some more. About 15 minutes later, at about noon, he heard a loud noise coming from the street.
I was at home. I actually just coming back from going out to eat with my family. I come back about 9:00 that morning. We all takes a nap. My fiancée wakes up and tells me a friend is knocking at my door. 
I wakes up, which is not 11:00 [sic]. He [the friend] comes, and I goes outside [onto the balcony] for a few minutes with him outside. We went outside for not long -- two, three, four or five minutes. So I happen to go back in [to my bedroom]. He [the friend] leaves. 
It is getting about 11:45 now. I was about to take a nap. 
I hear an altercation outside. So, I looks outside, and I see some kind of tussling going on in the window. Really not sure if Mike Brown was punching on him or if the officer was grabbing on him, but something was going on through the [police vehicle's] window.  It just didn't look right, so I glued my eyes to it. 
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Michael Brady's view of the police vehicle.
Brady was looking at the police vehicle's passenger-side. Since he could see through the vehicle's front window, he could see Wilson and Brown struggling at the driver-side window.

(I cropped the above image from a larger image was made by "Gary", a commentator at The Conservative Treehouse. Gary's entire image is here.)


In an earlier interview, on August 13, Brady said that his friend interrupted his sleep "a little bit after 11:30". He talked with his friend for "two or three minutes". About 30 minutes later, Brady went back to bed to sleep some more. About "two, three minutes later", at about noon, he heard a loud noise coming from the street.
Saturday morning, a little bit after 11:30, a friend of mine stops over wakes me up. I was outside with him for like two or three minutes, and he decides to leave so I goes in the house, goes back into my bedroom. 
Another two, three minutes later I hear an altercation outside and looks out the window and see a guy, Michael Brown, at the driver window of the Ferguson police car. 
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When he testified to the grand jury on September 25, he remembers that his friend woke him up some time between 11:00 and 11:30 and stayed for no longer than five minutes.
... that morning, my family and I went out for breakfast, and we came back around nine something, and we all took a nap ... my fiancée and my three kids. .... 
I was actually woken up about 11:00, 11:30. ... A friend of mine came over. I steps outside [onto the balcony] with him for a couple of minutes, maybe no longer than five minutes.  
I goes back in the house. three, four minutes after that, and I heard something going on outside. 
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When Michael Brady heard the loud noise, he was sleepy, perhaps asleep. His reactions were slow.

It's likely that he also was severely hung over from drinking too much on Friday night. If so, he was mentally sluggish when he watched the incident. 

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