Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Time-Line of Events on West Florissant Avenue

I will use the following abbreviations:

* WFA = West Florissant Avenue

* PRA = Parkridge Apartments

* B&J = Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson.

* MC = Monte Carlo.

PMcD = Policeman McDonald

PHM = Policeman Highmount

QT = QuikTrip store


11:45:57 -- B&J, walking, turn south from Canfield Drive onto WFA.

11:48:30 -- Darren Wilson, from PRA,  drives north on WFA to help sick child.

11:50:50 -- The MC driver enters the Market's front door.

11:51:04 -- Brown enters the Market.

11:51:42 -- The MC driver exits the store but stops and holds its front door open.

11:51:57 -- The Market's female clerk calls the police dispatcher

11:52:07 -- The Monte Carlo driver lets the store's front door close.

11:52:15 -- Brown exits the Market

11:52:29 -- The male clerk shouts at B&J that the police are being called.

11:52:43 -- The Monte Carlo begins driving out of the Market's parking lot.

11:52:45 -- B&J cross WFA across from the McDonald's restaurant.

11:52:53 -- The clerks inform the dispatcher that B&J are walking toward the QT.

11:53:54 -- The dispatcher broadcasts the stealing-in-progress message.

11:54:51 -- PMcD arrives at the Market's south driveway.

11:55:00 -- PMcD turns north onto WFA.

11:55:06 -- PMcD reports that he doesn't see anyone in a white T-shirt walking north.

11:55:30 -- PMcD tells the dispatcher something about the McDonald's restaurant.

11:55:59 -- B&J, walking, turn east from WFA onto Canfield Drive.

11:57:00 -- PMcD returns to the Market to question the clerks.

11:57:47 -- PMcD informs the dispatcher that Brown is wearing a red cap and yellow socks.

11:58:00 -- PHM, still at PRA, offers to help PMD look for B&J.

11:58:00 -- PMcD leaves the Market and heads north on WFA toward the QT.

11:58:30 -- PMcD drives past Canfield Drive and perhaps is seen by B&J.

11:59:15 -- PMcD arrives at the QuikTrip and goes inside to look for B&J.

12:00:00 -- Wilson he is leaving the sick child's home and offers to help PMcD

12:01:50 -- Wilson reports that he needs help on Canfield Drive. PMcD leaves QT to help.

12:02:15 -- Driving on Canfield Drive PMcD hears the last four gunshots.

12:02:22 -- PMcD finds Wilson on Canfield Drive.

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