Saturday, April 4, 2015

People Dismissed for Saying Brown Did Not Run Forward

The US Justice Department's report dismissed the following witnesses as unreliable because they said that Michael Brown fell dead in the same place where he stopped and turned around -- or because they said that Brown walked or stumbled forward only a few steps.
Witness 101 [Dorian Johnson] is a 22-year-old black male. …. the bullet “definitely struck [Michael Brown] in the back.” …. Brown stopped. Brown put his hands up above his head, in the air, and turned to face Wilson. … Brown then stated, “I don’t have a gun” or “I’m unarmed”. Brown started to say it again, but Wilson while walking toward Brown, fired one volley of at least four shots and Brown fell to his death. … Witness 101 was steadfast that Brown fell to the ground right where he initially stopped and turned around. At most, Brown took a half-step forward, but he did not move toward Wilson. (Pages 44-47)
Witness 123 is a 29-year-old black male. …. Witness 123 told the county grand jury that he saw Brown turn around and hold his hands up. Wilson shot Brown three times and Brown fell to the ground dead. Contrary to the physical evidence, Witness 123 explained that Brown died where he turned around and did not move toward Wilson.(Pages 47-48)
Witness 135 is a 20-year-old black female. …. She recalled that as Brown turned around, he put his hand up with his arms, “scrunched up”, pulled tight against his body, palms out at about shoulder height. According to Witness 135, Brown was hunched forward, though he took a few steps backward, and was shot about five times before he fell to his death. According to Witness 135, there was only this one additional volley of shots after the initial shot. Brown never moved forward. …. (Pages 53-54)
Witness 127 [Tiffany Mitchell] is a 27-year-old black female. …. In one quick motion, Brown turned around with his hands up at right angles at his shoulders. Wilson then shot him, and Brown fell to his death where he stood. … Witness 127 was adamant that , contrary to DNA evidence with regard to the blood east of Brown’s body, Brown never moved toward Wilson. She insisted that he fell to his death right where he turned around. (Pages 55-56)
Witness 118 [Piaget Crenshaw] is a 19-year-old black female. ….. She the looked back toward Brown as he turned around, pout his hands in the air, and got shot two times. Brown fell to the ground face down, with his arms at 90 degree angles on either side of his head, contrary to what the crime scene photos depict …. Witness 118 added … that Wilson shot Brown in the back from three feet away and that Brown never moved back towards Wilson.(Pages 56-58)
Witness 138 is a 22-year-old black male. …. Brown turned around, “threw his hands up” and said …. “Please don’t shoot.” Brown then fell to his knees, and Wilson shot him again. Witness 138 told federal authorities that Brown fell to the ground in the exact place where he first turned around and did not move toward Wilson. Witness 138 expalined that he … did not know what Brown did for the majority of the shooting because he was face-first in the dirt. He did not look up until Brown was already dead. (Pages 62-63)
Witness 121 is a 36-year-old black female. …. After Brown took off running, Brown put his hands up, and then Wilson shot him. She further stated that Wilson walked over to Brown and “emptied” his gun into Brown, and that Brown “finally fell” after the last shot. … Brown was walking toward the officer with his hands up in surrender. (Pages 64-66)
Witness 137 is a 40-year-old black male. ….. The police officer shot Brown in the back. “Realizing he was shot,” Brown turned around with his hands up. Brown walked toward the officer and as he did so, the officer “closed in on him” until they were less than an arm’s length apart. The officer fired “every round” into Brown, killing him “execution” style. …. After Brown fell forward, “the officer stood over him and finished him off.” … Brown fell to his knees for the final shots, and the last words Brown said were “Don’t shoot,” He also stated that Brown was lying on the ground when the final bullets were fired. … Brown walked at a “steady pace” of about ten steps toward him [Wilson]. (Pages 67-68)
Witness 139 is a 50-year-old black female. …… Brown turned around, never moving from where he stood. According to Witness 139, Brown fell to the ground with his hands next to his head at right angles because his hands had been up. Wilson then fired at least three shots as Brown was lying face down on the ground. Witness 139 saw that Brown was bleeding from his back. When asked how she was able to witness the final shots if she had her head down in her arms, Witness 139 explained that she put her head down in her arms after the first two shots, but she could still see because she was peeking. (Pages 72-74)
Witness 148 is a 26-year-old black female. …. Brown then turned around and put his hands up in right angles at shoulder-height in a sign of surrender. He then dropped to his knees, started to say something like “I don’t have a — “, but was cut off as Wilson walked toward Brown firing at least six shots, killing Brown. Witness 148 as initially adamant that …. Brown never moved forward from the spot where he turned around to face Wilson.(Pages 75-77)


In later posts, I will call:

* Witness 123 by the nick-name MC Passenger.

* Witness 135 by the nick-name Near-Sighted.

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