Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Monte Carlo's owner worked at Red's BBQ restaurant

On the day of the Ferguson incident, August 9, 2014, a detective interviewed MC Owner from 6:40 to 6:49 p.m., a total of only 8½ minutes.

In the interview transcript that eventually was released to the public, the interview location is whited out. (I have added the red underlines.)

In the transcript of a detective's interview of the Monte Carlo's owner
on August 9, 2014, beginning at 9:40 p.m.,
the location of the interview was whited out in the copy released to the public. 
When Driver testified to the grand jury, however, the prosecutor read aloud from that interview transcript, and the address was included in the grand jury's transcript.(I have added the read underlines.)

In the transcript of Driver's testimony to the grand jury on October 13, 2014,
the prosecutor read from the first interview,
and the address was included in the grand jury transcript released to the public.  

The address is the location of a restaurant called "Red the Bar-B-Que Man", also known as "Red's BBQ Restaurant". The address is stated on the left side of the the restaurant's webpage.

The restaurant's location is indicated in the lower-left corner of the below photograph.

The Monte Carlo's owner worked at Red's BBQ Restaurant
and was staying temporarily in a nearby home on Canfield Drive's 3000 block
because she was lending her Monte Carlo to somewhere else. 
I speculate that MC Owner worked at this restaurant and that she was staying temporarily with her mother's acquaintance on Canfield Drive's 3000 block because MC Passenger was using the Monte Carlo frequently. MC Owner was staying in this home near the BBQ restaurant because the walk from her own home on Andros Court would have been quite long. 


Several circumstances of the detective's interview of MC Owner on August 9 are remarkable:

1) Why didn't the detective and MC Owner travel the short distance to the killing scene to conduct the interview? There she could have pointed to exact locations. 

2) Why did they instead go to the restaurant to conduct the interview?

3) Why did the interview last only 8½ minutes? it started at 6:40 and ended already at 6:49.

I speculate that MC Owner worked at Red's BBQ Restaurant and that her work shift began at 7 p.m. MC Owner agreed to answer the detective's questions that evening, but only on the conditions that he drive her to work and that he end the interview several minutes before 7 p.m. 

I speculate further that in the following weeks the investigators lost contact with Driver because 1) she lost her job at the restaurant when it closed down after the subsequent riots, and 2) she moved from the acquaintance's home to someone else's home. Since she lost her job, she could move farther away and hide with someone else. 

When the grand jury published the transcript of the August 9 interview, the interview's location was whited out because the location was a clue to Driver's identity, because she had worked at that address. 

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