Saturday, April 18, 2015

Visiting Brother said Johnson ran while Brown still struggled with Wilson

An eyewitness whom I call Visiting Brother watched the incident from the apartment building indicated in this photograph's bottom-right corner.  

Visiting Brother was a 51-year-old African-American male. The grand jury designated him as Witness 17, and the US Department of Justice designated him as Witness 110. 

On August 16, Visiting Brother told a detective that Dorian Johnson ran away from the police vehicle while Michael Brown and Darren Wilson were struggling through the vehicle's window.  
I see them [Brown and Wilson] going back and forth. Mike is going back and forth with the police officer .... [While] Michael still was struggling with the officer ... his friend [Johnson] ran. 
[Pages 4 - 5]
On October 2, Visiting Brother testified to the grand jury and further elaborated his narrative. 
When the gentlemen [Brown and Johnson] started walking down the street, he [Wilson] in turn threw his [police] truck in reverse and pulled it like he was trying to block their way of going back down Canfield.....  
From that point I turned around, and I told my wife they're down there struggling. I mean, they're down there fighting or something. I couldn't tell exactly what was transpiring because I was on this [passenger] side of the truck, looking at what's going on. I couldn't see exactly if the gentleman [Brown] reached inside his truck or the officer reached and grabbed him or whatever.
But the other gentleman [Johnson], he stood down. He ran somewhere. ... He took off. Something happened.  
[Pages 78 - 79]

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