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The Monte Carlo drove slowly backward four to five feet

MC Passenger said that, after the first gunshot, MC Owner drove her Monte Carlo backwards about four to five feet, less than a full car-length. The distance from the police vehicle increased from three-to-four feet to seven-to-eight feet.

Blue Line = Monte Carlo's position before it backed up
Cross-Bar = Position of front seats

The short movement was very slow, lasting five or six seconds. The movement ended when the second gunshot was fired. At that gunshot moment, Michael Brown was running past the Monte Carlo and kicked off his flip-flop sandal. Dorian Johnson was crouching down next to the Monte Carlo. 

Blue Line = Monte Carlo's position before it backed up
Red Line = Monte Carlo's position after it backed up
Cross-Bars = Position of front seats
MC Owner stopped her Monte Carlo but did not put it into park. She kept her foot on the brake, a hand on the steering wheel and leaned down toward MC Passenger's lap. 
Grand Juror  Initially, before you back up, how far apart are your two cars? 
MC Passenger  It's wasn't bumper-to-bumper, but it might have been three or four feet, enough to see under an SUV. 
Grand Juror  And then when you guys backed up, how far back did you back up? 
MC Passenger  Probably like eight feet by then, seven feet [distant from the police vehicle].  
[Pages 206 - 207]
Detective  So how far does she back up?
MC Passenger  About four or five feet.
Detective  Four or five feet?
MC Passenger  Yeah, It wasn't a full car-length. It wasn't as much as you would have liked? (Laughs).    .... 
[Page 33
MC Passenger  [At the first shot], that's when I told her [MC Owner] to back-back, open the doors and basically take cover if we hear another one. 
Prosecutor  At that point did he [Brown] turn and run? 
MC Passenger  When we went back, as soon as we stopped, that's when he [Brown] start coming on [MC Owner]'s side. .... 
They [Brown and Wilson] was still [not moving] right after the first shot. We back-back slow-slow. It wasn't no fast move back; this was slow. I guess probably by the time we back-back, it probably was five or six seconds. That's when we end up seeing him [Brown] run past her [the driver's] door. 
[Pages 188 - 189
MC Passenger  When I heard the first shot, I told her to back up and open the doors.
Detective  How many shots did you hear?
MC Passenger  The first time, [I heard] one. .... I told her to back the car back and open the doors up. She backs up. ....
From [when] the car almost stopped, I saw Mike. That's when I heard the other shot and ducked. ... That's when I saw Dorian, because I didn't know he was even over there. .....
Detective  Where did you see Mike at when the second shot went off?
MC  Passenger  Running past the door. He was past the door, but you hear another shot, and you direct your eyes back that way [toward the police vehicle]. I don't know if he [Wilson] hit him [Brown] or not.
Detective  You're saying that you saw Mike running past [the driver's] door, and at that point you hear the second shot? 
MC Passenger   Um hum [yes]. .... When I heard a second shot, my eyes went back for the [police] truck.... I didn't see him [Wilson] yet. 
[Pages 12 - 14 and 16]
MC Passenger  After I heard that first shot, [I told her] "Back up, back up, and open your door". [I] open my door so we don't catch no shot ... 
Then as soon as we backed up, Mike Brown ran on her side, the driver's side, coming from the officer's car. [Brown was] limping a little bit, gasping for breath. 
I think his slipper came off. That's when we heard a second shot. That's when we started ducking. 
Prosecutor  .... What happened once you heard that first shot?
MC Passenger  Back up and open the doors. About when we stopped, that's when Mike was running around her [the driver's] side..... I was looking at his [Brown's] side. 
The second shot I heard, I end up ducking down. [After the second shot] a good four, five six seconds, and that's when I see the officer, Mr. Wilson, came the same way. ...
[Page 161-163]
Blue Line = Monte Carlo's position when 
second gunshot was fired.

"His slipper came off.
That's when we heard the second shot.
That's when we started ducking."
Brown perhaps kicked his sandal far forward as he was running.  


MC Owner told an FBI special agent that when she stopped driving backward, she kept her foot on the brake, gripped the steering wheel with one hand and leaned down toward MC Passenger's lap, while he leaned out his open door.  

FBI SA  How about [MC Passenger]? Did he open his door? 
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am, he did. ... to get down. We were scared, terrified. ... I know he was hanging outside of the car, trying to get shelter. ... 
I was down, my whole head was in the passenger seat. So I'm almost on [MC Passenger's] lap. 
My hand is on the steering wheel, my feet is on the brake, I couldn't even put my car in park. That's how quick it happened. I just ducked down. ....
[Pages 85 - 86]
MC Passenger confirmed that the Monte Carlo remained in reverse gear (pages 26 - 27).

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