Friday, April 17, 2015

House Repairman said Johnson was not standing by Brown

A 27-year-old bi-racial male, doing a repair project, watched the incident from a house (not an apartment building) that was located along Canfield Drive. The grand jury designated him as Witness 10, and the US Justice Department designated him as Witness 102. I will call him House Repairman.

Despite his distance from the incident, the Justice Department's report about the killing declared that he was a credible witness.
... all of Witness 102's statements were materially consistent with each other, with physical and forensic evidence, and with other credible witness accounts. Witness 102 does not have a criminal history. Therefore, if called as a defense witness in a prosecution of Darren Wilson, this witness's account would not be vulnerable to meaningful cross-examination. Accordingly, after a thorough review of all the evidence, federal prosecutors determined his account to be credible and likewise determined that a jury appropriately would credit his potential testimony. 
[Pages 28 - 29]
In an interview with two Saint Louis County Police Department detectives on August 11, 2014, two days after the incident, House Repairman said that he saw Dorian Johnson walking with Michael Brown west past the house, before noon, on their way to the store. Later, when House Repairman came out of the house, he saw Brown struggling at the police vehicle. House Repairman did not see Johnson.

House Repairman did not see Johnson again until after Brown had been shot dead.

House Repairman was looking at Brown's back
while Brown was hitting Wilson through the vehicle window,
before the first gunshot.

While House Repairman was watching,
he never saw Johnson by the vehicle. 
The first point I seen him [Johnson] with the suspect [Brown was] when they were still alive together [walking west past the house on their way to the store, before noon.]
The next time I seen him was when after everything already took place where Mr. Brown was fatally injured and he [Johnson] came from nowhere and ran across the street. It would be at the point where he ran across in front of the squad car. …..And, he cuts across and yells “They killed him, they killed him.”
[Page 14]
House Repairman testified to the grand jury on September 23. On that occasion he confirmed that Johnson was not at the police vehicle when Brown was struggling with Wilson through its window. 
Prosecutor  So what then [after you came out of the house] did you see happen?
House Repairman  I seen Mike Brown was leaned over inside the police officer's window. I didn't see Mr. Johnson at any moment during this time.
Prosecutor  Did you see where he went or anything?
House Repairman  No.
Prosecutor  So when you come back out [from the house], you don't see him [Johnson]? 
House Repairman  No. 
Prosecutor  You just see Mr. Brown?
House Repairman  I just see Mr. Brown inside the police officer's window. It appeared as some sort of confrontation was taking place. After that took place for seconds .... one shot, the first shot, was let loose. After the first shot, Mike Brown came out of the window and took off running.
[Pages 165 - 166]
House Repairman did not see Johnson, because Johnson had run away as soon as he took the cigarillos from the vehicle's roof and from Brown's left hand.

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