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The Monte Carlo's owner was staying on Canfield Drive

Although MC Owner lived on Andros Court in the Northwinds Apartment Complex, she was staying on Canfield Drive's 3000 block.

The Monte Carlo's owner lived in the dead-end part of Andros Court
but was staying in Canfield Drive's 3000 block.
The 3000 block was a neighborhood of single-family detached homes, not part of Canfield Green Apartment Complex. 

The homes west of Canfield Green Apartment Complex 
were single-family detached homes. 
MC Owner was interviewed by a detective of the Saint Louis County Police Department on August 9, 2014, from 6:40 to 6:49 p.m., less than seven hours after Michael Brown was killed.  

MC Owner herself did not contact investigators. Rather, without her knowledge or approval, a young man informed the police that MC Owner had witnessed the killing. The detective contacted MC Owner five minutes after the young man provided the tip. The Investigative Report described the interview's circumstances. (I have filled in the whited-out spaces).

At approximately 6:35 pm, Detective [Name] was re-contacted by [a young man] who indicated he had located another person who claimed to have witnessed the entire incident. [The young man] directed Detective [Name] to [a 3000 address] Canfield Drive where he contacted a witness who identified herself as [MC Owner].  
At approximately 6:40 pm, Detective Moore spoke with [MC Owner] who indicated she was a witness to the incident. ..... 
The interview with was completed at approximately 6:49 pm. 
[Page 46-47]

After evading another interview for two months, MC Owner reluctantly agreed to a follow-up interview that took place on October 13. Now she was interviewed by an FBI special agent. In this interview she described the circumstances of the previous interview, which had taken place on the August 9, the day of the incident. 

Although MC Owner lived on Andros Court, she did not return to her own home in the hours following the incident. Rather, she went to the home of an acquaintance who lived in Canfield Drive's 3000 block. The acquaintance, a friend of MC Owner's mother, called the mother to come talk with MC Owner in the acquaintance's home. 

MC Owner feared that someone had noticed her Monte Carlo at the incident and might identify her to investigators.  

Without her knowledge or agreement, a young man at the acquaintance's home, perhaps a next-door neighbor, called a detective to come interview MC Owner. When the detective arrived, he found MC Owner in front of the home of the acquaintance's neighbor. Surprised by the detective's arrival, MC Owner assumed that someone indeed had recorded her license plate number at the scene and then had given that number to the detective. 

Following is an excerpt from the FBI special agent's interview of MC Owner on October 13.

FBI SA  How did it come to you that you then met with the Saint Louis County Police detective [on August 9, 2014]?
MC Owner  Actually, I stay in that area at the time, and my Mom basically got the news. So, she came to see: was her daughter okay? So, in the process of seeing was her daughter okay, I was up in the house. The house is right before you get to Canfield Green [Apartment Complex]. 
And one of the young men -- like I said, I don't know nobody over there -- he was the one that brought the police to me. .... Somebody was out there and probably remember my car or something, because he [the detective] came directly to me. 
I was on the front of the neighbors. I don't even know the people, but they stayed in the house right there. 
FBI SA  You said something about "brought him [the detective] to you"?
MC Owner  Actually, a young man. .... I didn't know him exactly. I've probably seen him around the complex, but I don't know him -- as talking to him on a daily basis. 
[Pages 25 - 26]

"I was at this house, where Canfield begins coming off of West Florissant,
at a house up near West Florissant at the intersection of Canfield Drive.
They allowed me to stay there.
MC Owner's testimony to the grand jury provided enough details to deduce that the home where she was staying was located in Canfield Drive's 3000 block.
Prosecutor  You mentioned ... that you were somewhere around the area because your ... mom had come to see if you were okay? 
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am. 
Prosecutor  Where were you when the police talked to you that day [August 9]? 
MC Owner .... I was right at this house [pointing to an overhead photograph of the area]. It was right there where Canfield begins coming off of West Florissant, I was just at that house right there. 
Prosecutor  Okay. So you know Canfield Drive goes [west] through a residential area before it hits West Florissant. You were somewhere at a house up near West Florissant at the intersection of Canfield Drive
MC Owner  Yes. 
Prosecutor  So, were you in your car [when the detective interviewed you]? 
MC Owner  No, ma'am. 
Prosecutor  You were on a friend's porch, I think you said? 
MC Owner  I don't even know the people, but they did allow me to stay there
I speculate that MC Passenger borrowed the Monte Carlo to drive to the Ferguson Market and Liquor store. 

Then MC Passenger moved to the passenger's seat and MC Owner got into the driver's seat. The Monte Carlo drove east and passed Brown and Johnson. 

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