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Johnson ran initially southwest

Two eyewitnesses testified that Dorian Johnson ran initially southwest from the police vehicle and then ran along the northwest side of Building 18.


The first of the two eyewitnesses was MC Passenger. He told a detective and an FBI special agent on August 22, 2014, that Dorian Johnson ran toward Bulding 18's Apartment 9391. MC Passenger watched Johnson from inside the white Monte Carlo.

Building 18 faced the police vehicle from the southwest.
The building's "right side" was the northwest side.
Blue line = Monte Carlo
Black line = Police vehicle
Red line = Johnson's run from the police vehicle
Purple line = Minivan
In the interview's relevant passage, MC Passenger described Johnson's reaction right before Michael Brown and Darren Wilson began to struggle through the police vehicle's window. 
MC Passenger  His [Brown's] friend [Johnson] just looked. He looked frightened. He ran off, he stumbled, then ran off fast. He was on the other side of the street -- not on the side that I'm on [in the Monte Carlo]. ..... 
[Page 4] 
MC Passenger  He [Wilson] backs up. Mike is by the window, and his friend [Johnson] ... seen what he seen, and he looked startled. He ran off somewhere over here -- Dorian. 
Detective  Dorian goes where? 
MC Passenger  He ran to the outside of the street that I was on -- somewhere over there [pointing at a photograph]. 
Detective And [by the words] "over there" you're indicating ... across the street, in front of where it says this 9391 [north of Apartment 9391]? Is that fair? That 9391 right there? Is that where you're talking about -- this area? 
MC Passenger  Yeah, .... It look like a sidewalk area. He [Johnson] must have went somewhere as they [Brown and Wilson] still [were] tussling in the car. 
[Page 12] 
FBI Special Agent When did you see Dorian run away from the car?  Was it before the first shot? 
MC Passenger  Right before they [Brown and Wilson] basically got into it.  He trotted away from it real quick.  
FBI SA  When you saw the car shaking, Dorian was gone? 
MC Passenger  Yeah, he'd been gone. He ran to the other side of the street. I'm steady paying attention toward the [police] truck. 
[Pages  28 - 29]

The second of the two eyewitnesses was a 26 year-old bi-racial woman (white father, black mother). She was sitting with her parents in a minivan and watched the incident from the moment when Brown began struggling with Wilson. The grand jury designated her as Witness 48, and the US Justice Department's report designated her as Witness 104. I will call her Minivan Daughter.

The US Justice Department's report evaluated her as credible. 
All three of Witness 104's statements were consistent with each other, consistent with the physical and forensic evidence, and consistent with other credible witness accounts. Witness 104 does not have a criminal history. Therefore, if called as a defense witness in a prosecution of Darren Wilson, this witness's account would not be vulnerable to meaningful cross-examination and would not be subject to impeachment due to bias or inconsistencies in prior statements. Accordingly, after a through review of all the evidence, federal prosecutors determined her account to be credible, and likewise determined that a jury appropriately would credit her potential testimony. 
[Page 30]
The minivan approached the scene from west to east and was blocked by Wilson's police vehicle. She was interviewed by a detective on August 14 -- five days after the incident. On that occasion she said that she saw Johnson run behind Building 18.
Minivan Daughter  I did see another dude take off running towards the opposite way, to the right side [i.e. northwest] of the building. .... He ran, like, this way [pointing on drawing]. 
Detective  So he ran south. Could you just put an arrow so that way we can indicate which direction that he was running? 
Minivan Daughter  Uh hmm. If this is the cop car he ran behind this building right here. 
Detective  Okay. He ran then south from Canfield.  .... Anything else, that we might need to know? 
Minivan Daughter  No, that's all. 
[Pages 8 - 9]
Minivan Daughter insisted that Johnson ran behind Building 18 immediately after Wilson shot the two bullets from inside the police vehicle. About 50 minutes after the first interview, the detective phoned her and asked her to clarify when Johnson ran that way after the gunshots, and she confirmed that sequence of events.

On November 3, she testified to the grand jury that she saw Johnson run south from Canfield Drive and then past "Building 18".  (A photograph, with the buildings numbered, was shown to the witnesses in the courtroom)
Prosecutor  Did you ever see anyone with Michael Brown?
Minivan Daughter  I seen a dude before all the shooting happened. There was a guy, a thinner dude, with Michael. He had on a black T-shirt and some gray jogging pants. I really didn’t get a good look at his face. … He had dreadlocks. …. 
Prosecutor  When you looked and saw Michael Brown at the police car, did you see him [Johnson] also? 
Minivan Daughter  I didn’t see him up on the cruiser but when the first two shots had been, he was like in this area behind the cruiser and he took off running alongside of Building 18. 
Prosecutor  That’s the way you saw him running. Did you ever see him reappear? 
Minivan Daughter  No. 
[Pages 58-59]

As we will see in the next article, Johnson soon reappeared on the north side of Canfield Drive. His new location indicates that he must have doubled-back and then ran east along Canfield Drive. He was noticed running in that direction only by Near-Sighted, who said she saw him running in the same direction that Brown subsequently ran. 

All the other eyewitnesses were too focused on the police vehicle to notice Johnson running that way.

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