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MC Passenger said Johnson "ran off real quick"

In an interview with a Saint Louis County Police Department detective and an FBI special agent on August 22 (13 days after the incident), MC Passenger said that Dorian Johnson moved to the street's far side 15 to 30 seconds before the first gunshot
His friend [Johnson] just looked. He looked frightened. He ran off, he stumbled, then ran off fast. He was on the other side of the street -- not on the side that I'm on [in the Monte Carlo]. ..... 
From then, I'm looking at the back of the police car .... All I see is [Brown's] feet -- from my passenger side -- just moving back and forth. The truck is moving back and forth. .... 
From then, it had to be like 15 to 30 seconds that this was going on. So, I heard one shot.  
[Page 4]
The FBI special agent asked MC Passenger to confirm that Johnson ran away before the first gunshot. MC Passenger said that Johnson was gone when the struggle between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson was causing the police vehicle to shake. After Johnson departed, MC Passenger focused his attention on the police vehicle. 
FBI SA When did you see Dorian run away from the car?  Was it before the first shot? 
MC Passenger  Right before they [Brown and Wilson] basically got into it.  He trotted away from it real quick.  
FBI SA  When you saw the car shaking, Dorian was gone? 
MC Passenger  Yeah, he'd been gone. He ran to the other side of the street ....   
 I'm steady paying attention towards the [police] truck.
[Pages  28 - 29]
MC Passenger, in his testimony to the grand jury, confirmed reluctantly that Johnson departed from the police vehicle soon after Brown approached the vehicle's door. 
Prosecutor  When the [police] car comes back, and Mike Brown is at the door, where is Dorian at that time?  .... Were they both by the door?
MC Passenger  Probably. 
Prosecutor  Tell me what you saw -- not "probably".
MC Passenger  I basically saw him [Johnson], kind of slow, walking away. When Mike Brown ended up being at the door, I saw him [Johnson] going kind of slow across the streetHe ran off real quick -- I guess not wanting to be a part of it.   
Prosecutor  So, when the police officer backed up, he almost hit Michael Brown's foot?

MC Passenger  Uh-huh [yes].

Prosecutor  That's when Dorian ran away?

MC Passenger  No, he didn't run then. 
Mike Brown somehow ended up by the police door. Basically as this is happening, he [Johnson] is [moving] gradually, slow across [the street] and just ended up running [but] it wasn't no full-fledged run.
[Pages 180 - 181]
I will point out here that MC Passenger indicated that Johnson moved initially "across the street". In later articles, I will point out that several witnesses said that Johnson ran initially to the northwest corner of the nearby building. 

Red line = Monte Carlo
Purple line = Police vehicle
Green line = MC Passenger's indication of Johnson's direction.

MC Passenger was one of several eyewitnesses who reported

that Johnson ran initially from the police vehicle to the
nearby building's northwest corner.

(Nearsighted indicated, however, that Johnson ran directly down Canfield Drive.)
MC Passenger told the grand jury also that while Brown still was struggling at the police vehicle, Johnson already had left.  
Grand Juror  Dorian and Michael -- are they both on the driver's side of the officer's vehicle at that time that you see the feet underneath struggling?
MC Passenger  No, Dorian had left. 
Grand Juror  Dorian had gone?
MC Passenger  [Dorian] had left. 
[Pages 176 - 177]

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