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The Monte Carlo's owner lived on Andros Court

Police Officer Darren Wilson testified to the grand jury that he drove from the sick child's home to Canfield Drive as follows:
I started out on Glenark [Drive], and then I turn onto Bahama and then onto Glen Owen [Drive]. And then I turned on Windward [Court], which actually turns into Canfield Green [Apartment Complex]. That's where I was going west. 
[Page 206] 
MC Owner and MC Passenger testified that they happened to follow Wilson while driving from MC Owner's home. I think their story is false, but their story does indicate the home's location. 

Blue line = Wilson's path
Red line = Monte Carlo's path
MC Passenger (a male) testified to the grand jury that MC Owner (a female) lived on a dead-end street and that he and she saw Wilson's police vehicle soon after the Monte Carlo turned right from the dead-end street. 
I was coming from a young lady's house, coming from the back apartments .... So [we] end up making a right here [pointing to a map in the courtroom] as we are coming down. One of these side streets is like a dead end
And the officer came off one of these streets right here, I think it might have been this one [pointing to a map in the courtroom].  
When we made a right coming down, he basically jumped in front of us. 
[Pages 154, 156] 
Andros Court fits that story and is the only dead-end street in the vicinity. 


MC Owner testified to the grand jury that she began following Wilson south immediately after she crossed a bridge over Maline Creek (the bridge is labeled in the above map):
Prosecutor  So, you live in Northwinds [Apartment Complex] which is east of the CanfieId Green Apartments?
MC Owner  Yes, it [my apartment] is towards the back, by Glen Owen [Drive]. 
Prosecutor  Tell us what you were doing on August the 9th. What did you do that morning when you first woke up? What did you have planned?
MC Owner  Just going to ride around and just enjoy the day on a Saturday. ..... 
Prosecutor  When did you first see the police officer in this case?
MC Owner  I saw the police officer as I was coming across the bridge, coming towards the end of Northwinds, going towards Canfield Drive.
Prosecutor  That's Glen Owen [Drive]?
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am.
Prosecutor  So you saw him [Wilson, when] he was driving coming from the Northwinds area also?
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am, right past the little bridge.
Prosecutor  Was he driving fast when you saw him?
MC Owner  No, ma'am. 
Prosecutor   Just normal?
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am.
Prosecutor  what made you notice the police car?
MC Owner  When I was coming across the bridge, I saw him coming out of one of the side streets. He was proceeding to turn to come the same direction that I was going.
Prosecutor  What direction were you going?
MC Owner  I was going toward Canfield [Drive], going towards West Florissant [Avenue].
Prosecutor  Which way were you traveling?
MC Owner  I was going wards West Florissant [Avenue].
Prosecutor  Was the officer in front of you?
MC Owner  Yes, ma'am, he was. 
[Pages 103 -  107]
From all the above information, I deduce that MC Owner lived in the dead-end area of Andros Court in the Northwinds Apartment Complex.

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