Sunday, April 5, 2015

B&J were on the Market premises for 1:21 minutes

The Investigative Report (page 172) mentions that a facility "located next-door to the Ferguson Market" had an exterior closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera that "captured a portion of the parking lot at the Ferguson Market". Although the facility's name is whited-out in the document released to the public, it seems to be the Family of Faith Missionary Baptist Church located at 9105 West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson.

I think that the CCTV camera captured this portion of the Market's parking lot.

Red line = View from church's exterior CCTV
toward the Market's parking lot
Detectives examining this camera's video identified Brown and Johnson walking through the parking lot toward and away from the Market.

They were walking toward the Market at 11:37:09, according to the CCTV's clock.

They were walking away from the Market at 11:38:30, according to the CCTV's clock.

The CCTV's clock was running behind the Ferguson Police Department's dispatch clock by about 14 minutes. However, the CCTV's clock proves that Brown and Johnson were on the Market's premises for about (11:37:09 - 11:38:08 = ) one minute and 21 seconds.


The Investigative Report (page 77) indicates that the McDonald's restaurant "was equipped with several exterior video surveillance cameras, one of which was focused on the drive-thru located on the south side of the building." A detective obtained the exterior cameras' video and turned it over to the Saint Louis County Property Control Unit on August 13. However, I have not found a summary of that video in the documents released to the public.

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