Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brown's two bracelets fell off the police vehicle

Two bracelets, which belonged to Michael Brown, fell next to Darren Wilson's police vehicle. 

You can see this drawing in a larger size at

The bracelet on the vehicle's north side is seen here:

And the bracelet on the vehicle's south side is seen here.

I explain the bracelets' locations as follows. 

When Brown placed his right handful of cigarillos onto the vehicle's roof, he placed the black bracelet there too. Then Dorian Johnson gathered the cigarillos from the roof, but he accidentally pushed the black bracelet across the roof and over the edge to the vehicle's far side. 

Brown continued to hold the remaining cigarillos and the yellow bracelet in his left hand. Brown handed those cigarillos to Johnson, but continued to hold the yellow bracelet. Soon, however, Brown placed the yellow bracelet onto the vehicle's hood so that his left hand would be completely free. 

After Brown's right hand was shot inside the vehicle's cabin, Brown shoved away powerfully, rocking the entire vehicle. The yellow bracelet slid off the hood and onto the ground near the front bumper. 

Near-Sighted saw and heard the yellow bracelet fall and thought that Brown had dropped a pistol onto the ground. In her testimony to the grand jury, she said:

Prosecutor The first shot, was the officer in the car when that shot occurred?
Near-Sighted  Yes, the officer was still in the car. Michael Brown was still in the window when I heard the first shot. After that, he kind of backed up and just looked down at himself. ....  
Then he kind of stepped back a little bit. I did see something fall on the ground. It sounded metal. So, of course, the first thing I assume was it was a gun. I was thinking he had a gun. 
Prosecutor  Did it appear that the officer or Michael Brown or anyone else retrieved that object? 
Near-Sighted  I didn't see anybody pick it up. 
[Pages 21-22]
Some of the metallic sound that Near-Sighted heard might have been the vehicle's window breaking when the pistol was fired. The investigators found pieces of window glass on the pavement near the vehicle's door. 

The driver and passenger of the Monte Carlo, which stopped only a few feet behind the police vehicle, said they saw the vehicle shaking while Wilson and Brown were fighting. 

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