Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Johnson ran north across Canfield Drive because Wilson and Brown made a loud noise

In my previous articles, I argued that Dorian Johnson ran away laughing from Police Officer Darren Wilson's vehicle in a southwest direction, along Canfield Drive's south side. Johnson then stopped, crossed Canfield Drive and stopped between the sidewalk and a tree. After the first gunshot was fired, he ran along the street's north side to the Monte Carlo. 

Johnson's route is illustrated below. 


PV = Police Vehicle
MC1 - Monte Carlo before first gunshot
MC2 = Monte Carlo after first gunshot
Passenger said that Johnson ran away on the south side of Canfield Drive
and stopped in front of 9391 Canfield Drive.
Balcony Brother said that Johnson ran toward the Monte Carlo
from a spot between the north sidewalk and a tree.
In this article here, I will speculate about the reason why Johnson stopped running southeast and then ran north across the street. 

Two remarkable actions occurred simultaneously:

1) Johnson changed his running direction. 

2) MC Passenger suddenly stopped watching Johnson and turned his attention back to the police vehicle. (The evidence was provided in this previous article.)

I speculate that these two simultaneous changes were caused by a loud noise made by Wilson and Michael Brown at the police vehicle. The noise caused Johnson and MC Passenger to realize that the incident was not a laughing matter. The first gunshot, which followed the noise, would confirm that realization. 

Later in this blog, I will tell in great detail about a witness named Michael Brady. In this article here, I will tell only about how his attention was attracted to the police vehicle by a loud noise. He was inside his apartment's bedroom when he heard the noise. The apartment location is indicated in this photograph's top-left corner. 

Yellow label in upper-left corner says "Michael Brady Apartment Balcony".
Blue lines converge on Brady's second-story balcony.
Police vehicle's location indicated by bright-yellow, vertical oval near left margin.
The photograph is from a Conservative Treehouse article, and a larger version can be seen here.

Through his bedroom's closed windows, Brady heard a strange noise. He described it as "some kind of ruffling .... some real tussling .... I was hearing lots of noises .... like hitting the door .... something just got my attention" (pages 10 and 14). 

I speculate that most of the loud noise was Brown yelling and kicking the police vehicle while he tried to grab Wilson's pistol. Whatever the noise was, it caused Brady to get up from his bed and to look out the window.

Whatever the loud noise was, it also caused Johnson to turn north and to run across the street for a different perspective on the police vehicle. It also caused MC Passenger to stop watching Johnson run and to turn forward to watch the police vehicle shaking. 


Visiting Sister-in-Law, who was quite far away, likewise told investigators that her attention was attracted by a strange, loud noise.
FBI SA  How did you know there was a confrontation?
Visiting Sister-in-Law  Well, I heard noise .... loud voices. 
[Page 8]
Attorney  You said you heard the commotion but you didn't see it. ... 
Visiting Sister-in-Law   It's just like you heard not voices, but something. 
Attorney  What about the voices made you think there was a commotion rather than a conversation?
Visiting Sister-in-Law  Because they were loud. It was loud enough to hear.
[Page 27]

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