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When the Monte Carlo backed up, no vehicles were behind it

After the first gunshot, MC Owner  drove her Monte Carlo backward about four or five feet very slowly, during about five or six seconds. She stopped because she heard the second gunshot. She put her foot on the brake, gripped the steering wheel with one hand, and leaned down toward MC Passenger's lap. The Monte Carlo remained in reverse gear.

There was not some car closely behind the Monte Carlo that prevented MC Owner from driving further backward. MC Owner could have driven backward much faster and further and could have even escaped the scene through the nearby parking lot.

The path was open for the Monte Carlo to back quickly into the nearby parking lot.
Instead, the Monte Carlo backed up only five feet in five seconds.

The Monte Carlo could have distanced itself from the gunfire
by escaping into the nearby parking lot.
The Monte Carlo's occupants preferred to stay and listen
to what was going on between Brown and Wilson.

MC Passenger said there were several cars behind the Monte Carlo, but all those cars were far behind, near Copper Creek Court, where Michael Brown stopped running and turned around. Furthermore, those cars arrived to that location after the Monte Carlo backed up.

While MC Owner was testifying to the grand jury, the prosecutor asked her to comment about MC Passenger's statement that cars stopped behind her Monte Carlo. MC Owner insisted that she did not see any cars behind her.
Prosecutor  When [MC Passenger] gave his statement to the County [detectives], they asked him about after Wilson had moved past the car and [MC Passenger] brought up that there were two or three, up to four cars behind you. They started lining up after that, but you are saying there were no cars behind you? 
MC Owner  I didn't see any cars. 
[Page 144]
Evidently, MC Owner did not stop driving backward because her path was blocked by another car close behind her.

MC Passenger told the investigators that no cars were close behind the Monte Carlo while it was backing up.
Detective  You said to her after the first shot, back up. When you backed up, were there any cars behind you at that point? 
MC Passenger  Nope. 
Detective  So, the street was completely clear? 
MC Passenger  Yup. 
Detective  Did you turn around and look to make sure there were no cars behind you, so she didn't hit a car behind you? How did that happen? 
MC Passenger  I guess she looked. 
Detective  Did you [look], though? How do you know there wasn't any cars? 
MC Passenger  I end up looking back, yeah. 
Detective  So, you looked, and there were no other cars behind you at that time? 
MC Passenger  No. 
Detective  So, nobody was behind you by the time the first shot went off? 
MC Passenger  No.  
Detective  And they [Brown and Wilson] began to run, and you are backing up, and nobody was there. No other vehicles were there? 
MC Passenger  Right. None. 
[Page 31]
After the second gunshot, some cars appeared into MC Passenger's view, far behind the Monte Carlo.I will discuss the other cars in future articles. 

After the first gunshot from the police vehicle, MC Owner could have distanced her Monte Carlo by backing quickly into the parking lot. However, she and MC Passenger preferred to stay close and listen to what was going on between Brown and Wilson.


Michael Brady told the grand jury (pages 32-22) that no other vehicles were near the police vehicle and the Monte Carlo.

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