Sunday, April 5, 2015

Standard Features of Apartment Buildings in Canfield Green Apartment Complex

All the relevant apartment buildings in the Canfield Green Apartment Complex had the same basic design.

Each apartment had:

* a front door that opened onto a stairwell with open sides.

* a sliding glass door that opened onto a narrow balcony -- also called a porch or patio -- that led to the stairwell.

*  a corner bedroom with two windows looking out in different directions.

Below is a view of the building's front -- also called the face.

The lowest story of the three-story building was half-underground. The stairwell went down to that level.

These lowest stories had problems with rain water leaking through the walls. Therefore, construction workers were installing underground pipe from the rain spouts so that the rain water would drain from the roof gutters down the rain spouts to outlets farther away from the buildings.

The below photograph shows, on the grass, some of the pipe that still has not been buried.

Below is a side view of a stairwell. On the top story, a balcony is visible.


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